Kinetic Auto Relay

Equipped with Sleep Function and Wake-Up Function [Kinetic Auto Relay]

An evolved form of the “Kinetic”; a quartz which features Automatic Generating System that winds automatically by the arm movement to generate electricity to operate the watch. A Kinetic equipped with the power save mode which is activated while the watch is not worn, aiming at continuous operation for a longer period of time.

A power save function (sleep mode) that automatically stops the movement of hands approximately 72 hours after the watch is taken off in order to preserve energy consumption. An automatic time relay function (wake-up mode) that perceives power generation by slight swing motion of the watch and automatically returns to its normal operation to show the present time, provided that the watch is used again within approximately 4 years (on a full charge) after it stopped. Kinetic auto relay is equipped with these two functions.

In our latest model, the technology of Kinetic has further evolved into “Kinetic perpetual” which features a perpetual calendar as well as the Kinetic auto relay function.

Caliber Specification (Caliber 5J32)

  • Powered by the movement of your body
  • Time relay system preserves accurate time for up to 4 years


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